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How to use the SCuM Programmer.

Table of Contents

This page is being built as we are putting together the SCuM User Experience. That is, it’s not all implemented yet.



The SCuM-programmer allows you to:


nRF52840-DK pin

McCoy pin



  • double click on to start the program

Code Block
   SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS         CCCCCCCCCCCCC                  MMMMMMMM               MMMMMMMM
 SS:::::::::::::::S     CCC::::::::::::C                  M:::::::M             M:::::::M
S:::::SSSSSS::::::S   CC:::::::::::::::C                  M::::::::M           M::::::::M
S:::::S     SSSSSSS  C:::::CCCCCCCC::::C                  M:::::::::M         M:::::::::M
S:::::S             C:::::C       CCCCCCuuuuuu    uuuuuu  M::::::::::M       M::::::::::M
S:::::S            C:::::C              u::::u    u::::u  M:::::::::::M     M:::::::::::M
 S::::SSSS         C:::::C              u::::u    u::::u  M:::::::M::::M   M::::M:::::::M
  SS::::::SSSSS    C:::::C              u::::u    u::::u  M::::::M M::::M M::::M M::::::M
    SSS::::::::SS  C:::::C              u::::u    u::::u  M::::::M  M::::M::::M  M::::::M
       SSSSSS::::S C:::::C              u::::u    u::::u  M::::::M   M:::::::M   M::::::M
            S:::::SC:::::C              u::::u    u::::u  M::::::M    M:::::M    M::::::M
            S:::::S C:::::C       CCCCCCu:::::uuuu:::::u  M::::::M     MMMMM     M::::::M
SSSSSSS     S:::::S  C:::::CCCCCCCC::::Cu:::::::::::::::uuM::::::M               M::::::M
S::::::SSSSSS:::::S   CC:::::::::::::::C u:::::::::::::::uM::::::M               M::::::M
S:::::::::::::::SS      CCC::::::::::::C  uu::::::::uu:::uM::::::M               M::::::M
 SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS           CCCCCCCCCCCCC    uuuuuuuu  uuuuMMMMMMMM               MMMMMMMM
 Running version 1.2.3
  • type help to get a list of commands

Code Block
> help
- "ls" lists the binary files availble to bootload
- "bootload <image.bin>" bootload an image onto SCuM
- "transfer"

Use case 1: load firmware onto SCuM