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  • Titan Yuan

    • SCuM BLE TX/RX cal

    • There is are still some random bit errors when receiving frame from BLEIf flip the bit of input, then there is no interrupt being triggered (which interrupts, the 32rawchip interrupt?)checking for 32-bit target value from BLE RX

    • However, interrupts (STARTVAL_ISR and RAWCHIPS_32_ISR) are being triggered correctly (verified by turning the Analog Discovery on and off)

    • If I flip an error in the input, interrupts (STARTVAL_ISR and RAWCHIPS_32_ISR) are no longer triggered, so bit errors might be a hardware/timing issue independent of whether the 32-bit target value has been seen or not

    • Note: after enabling STARTVAL_ISR, it always triggers once after optical calibration even if 32-bit target value has not been seen

  • Jove Yuan

    • Update on the programmer

    • Calculated the power delivered to optical receiver of each LED

    • Tested optical receiver with another Teensy logging OPTICAL_DATA from SCuM, Teensy (the one used for logging) reads wrong values

    • Kristofer PISTER Just use the logic analyzer instead of using Teensy to test

    • Thomas Watteyne Recommended logic analyzer saleae

  • Tengfei Chang and Thomas Watteyne

    • update on frequency sweep experiments

      • OpenMote picks up alternate channel transmissions, explains some earlier results

      • non-linearity of coarse.mid.fine calibratino explains earlier results

      • new results on OpenMote->SCuM calibration

    • all code submitted as PRs, together with tests to run tests on Jenkins at each future PR

    • next week:

      • understand whether we can infer RX settings from TX settings reliably

      • understand whether we can infer “freq+N” settings from “freq“ settings

      • design quickscan algorithm

      • come up with design for cold-boot calibration, options:

        • “Cal box“ with 16x (or less) OpenMotes which ACK

        • “Cal box“ with some OpenMotes which send beacons periodically (fast)

        • just listen to a 6TiSCH network

  • Meera Lester

    • ADC rate-spot testing

  • Alex Moreno

    • update on SCuM and zappyv2

    • show the result of VDDSCuM I vs V under 2 suns

    • video shows SCuM is working with solar powered