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How to use the SCuM Programmer.


The SCuM-programmer allows you to:

  1. load firmware onto SCuM

  2. interact with SCuM’s serial port

It consists of the following elements:

  • the Python script running on your computer which you interact with

  • an nRF52840-DK board running the scum-programmer.hex firmware, connected to your computer using a USB cable, and connected to a SCuM board using jumper cables


By default, the nRF52840-DK operates at 3V. The SCuM board operates at 1.8V and you will destroy it if you connect it to the nRF52840-DK operating at 3V.
You need to load the scum-programmer.hex firmware onto the nRF52840-DK before connecting the SCuM board. This firmware switch the nRF52840-DK to 1.8V.

  • preparing your computer

  • connect the nRF52840-DK

    • plug in your nRF52840-DK into your computer, drive "JLINK" appears

    • drag-and-drop scum-programmer.hex onto this drive

    • make sure the LEDs on your nRF52840-DK go round-and-round

  • connect the SCuM board

    • install the following jumper wires

nRF52840-DK pin

McCoy pin


Use case 1: load firmware onto SCuM

Use case 2: interact with SCuM’s serial port

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