AIOT Systems Academy

The AIOT Systems Academy is a collection of dozens of short labs. If you want to learn it all, take them in order! Most likely, you will be tempted to take the first ones in order to build up some skills, then jump through the more advanced ones are you discover interesting aspects.

If you are an instructor, the material is ready to present. Before a 2-3h lab session, you can make a selection of labs to run through with your students. There are questions in each lab; by asking your students to keep a piece of paper with the answer to the lab, you can make sure everyone is progressing.

Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • a computer with Internet access and a USB port

  • a AIOT Systems Started Kit

    • 1x AIOT Play

    • 1x nRF52840-DK

    • 1x AIOT Gateway

    • 1x micro-USB cable

    • (optional) other AIOT boards to form a larger network

All Labs