1. @Kristofer PISTER

  2. @Thomas Watteyne

  3. @Andrew Fearing

  4. @David Burnett

  5. @Austin Patel

  6. @Martina Balbi

  7. @Timothy Claeys

  8. @Joshua Alexander

  9. @Jackson Paddock

  10. @Fil Maksimovic


  • small board review (@Andrew Fearing )

    • happened Apr 13, 2021

    • @Andrew Fearing designed McCoy v1.1 based on feedback

    • pins for all GPIOs 0-15

    • antenna pins removed, as well as extra resistors

    • 2 layers

    • antenna: current same .1 inch through hole?

    • discussion about which to use battery

    • additional remarks

      • @Austin Patel GPIO1 can output optical data, GPIO8/GPIO9 is active light/low, we want to be able to short GPIO1+GPIO8, ten GPIO1+GPIO9 to be able to do lighthouse.

        • we could drop of the GND pins and rewire two extra GPIO1 signals to pins

      • moving the pins from J5 into J4 (GPO_ZERO)

      • make sure pins on J4 are enough to connect to an nRF52840

  • BigBoard review (@Joshua Alexander )

    • Teensy pins plus GPIO pins

    • 22 pin header, aligned to the Teensy pinout

    • discussion about how both Teensy and nRF52840-DK can be used, using the same ribbon cable, to program both the McCoy and big board

    • J10 is used for current consumption

    • suggestions

      • suggestion to group pins into a small number of pins

      • have ADC in close to the development region

    • Need to consider drive voltage on IMU: expects 1.8v but Teensy runs at 3.3v

  • General board development considerations

    • QFN package to avoid wirebonding headaches

    • QFN mounting may have had contact issues in the past; email chain started

    • Planning to manufacture current boards with SMT assembly first, wirebonding second. Waiting on responses from QuikPak to confirm.