@Kristofer PISTER

@Meera Lester

@thomas.watteyne (Unlicensed)[remote]

@Tengfei Chang [remote]

Action items


  • @Meera Lester

    • update on SCuM+Zappy+leg chip u-robot

    • shows the zappy + SCuM schematic

    • @Kristofer PISTER recommends to use #define statements or else code is hard to read

  • The periodic interrupt does trigger some how, needs to debug

  • @Tengfei Chang

    • Update on the impact of LC divider (both SCuM->OpenMote and OpenMote->SCuM)

    • Approx. +200 configuration ticks shift when switching div on for both case

    • Show a zoom-in version of the LC_count result.

    • @Thomas Watteyne seems we can fix the fine code and just tune the mid code for the frequency

    • @Tengfei Chang implement the quickCal algorithm for this week.

  • ??

    • update on demo’ing, including BLE

    • goal is to have a permanent BLE demo, acquire an Android demo

    • @Kristofer PISTER why don’t you try to get a BLE demo by Wednesday?

    • work on lighthouse, wants to run in a VICON room to have ground truth


  • @Jove Yuan

    • bought 30 more bright LEDs

  • @Titan Yuan

    • made a mistake in clock selection

    • output of the IF stage, clock and data recovery block tries to find the bits

    • in a normal radio, we have a XTAL, so you know what the rate to sample is

    • without a crystal, we need to sync up better. block to adjust (tick skipping) but only over a 1% error

    • you have to compensate for initial drift, for example during optimal programming

    • we should be pulling calibration data out of some calibration database

    • build environment should pull in the calibration

  • @Ahad Rauf

    • SQL servers?