1. @Thomas Watteyne

  2. @Austin Patel

  3. @Alex Moreno

  4. @Kristofer PISTER

  5. @Fil Maksimovic

  6. @Andrew Fearing

  7. @David Burnett

  8. @Joshua Alexander

  9. @Mina Rady

  10. @Said Alvarado-Marin

Action items

@Alex Moreno to upload presented slides onto page


  • 3wb (@Fil Maksimovic )

    • tried 3wb on McCoy board, unfortunately doesn’t work

  • McCoy 3.0 (@Alex Moreno )

    • presents slides

    • discussion about DC-DC converters to use

    • created 2 variants, depending on paneling

    • discussion about battery clip and battery size (@David Burnett shares https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/315/3635_fileversion-1627310.pdf )

    • @Kristofer PISTER if coin cell: CR2032 would work, CR2477 has 1000 mAh

    • discussion about McCoy 2.0 vs McCoy 3.0. Problems:

      • VDDD problem: we don’t have a way to program using an nRF, need a constant 1.0V source

      • discussion about ability of nRF to run at 1.8V, @Fil Maksimovic confirms that works

    • @Kristofer PISTER discussion about issues with getting nRF and SCuM to work together at this point

      • 3wb?

      • 1.8V doesn’t work for tapping, we need a constant 1.0-1.2V source on VDDLDOOUT

    • discussion about issue with 3wb (@Fil Maksimovic )

      • used a Teensy, using resister dividers to get to 1.5 and 1.8V, doesn’t program

      • @Fil Maksimovic to program using 3wb holding VDDD

      • @Fil Maksimovic describes challenges with the McCoy he has taken from Berkeley

    • challenge: getting 3wb running in Paris

  • SCuM-programmer (@Thomas Watteyne )

  • paper accepted (@Thomas Watteyne )

    • Surviving the Hair Dryer: Continuous Calibration of a Crystal-Free Mote-on-Chip. Tengfei Chang, Thomas Watteyne, Brad Wheeler, Filip Maksimovic, David C. Burnett, Kris Pister. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, to appear in 2021.