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  • Workshop went well! L12 didn’t program. 1 of 8 nRF DKs wouldn’t program. 2 McCoy boards wouldn’t respond but the workshop wasn’t designed to work with those. Otherwise, students successfully got RF transmission running and received by OpenMotes.

  • merged code and not sure what was wrong with Fil’s boards because they appear to work out of the box.

  • verified BSP functions work. Next step is to run the stack.

    • When transmitting, waiting a while after tx_enable is necessary before calling the transmit function.

    • The interrupt happens if you call it too early but the openmote doesn’t hear anything.

    • From p. 77 of Sahar’s thesis (https://www2.eecs.berkeley.edu/Pubs/TechRpts/2016/EECS-2016-71.pdf) it looks like the necessary delay might be from the TX FIFO being loaded.

    • Need to figure out a way to determine when the FIFO is finished loading so the waiting isn’t open loop. Current code is 8 ms but experimented and 0.5 ms wait time works.

      • There is a TX_LOAD_DONE interrupt

    • workshop is a success

    • own hardware

    • 4 students

      • 2 students successful; sweep LO, received on the OpenMote

      • 2 students has issues:

        • one nRF-DK didn’t work (out of 8)

        • one Sulu (L12) wouldn’t work ( took back)

        • two McCoy, wasn’t able to work