1. @David Burnett

  2. @Trifun Savic

  3. @Mališa Vučinić

  4. @Thomas Watteyne

  5. @Tengfei Chang

  6. @Fil Maksimovic


  • @Mališa Vučinić

    • Interviewing PhD candidates

    • Envisioned start date Oct 1, 2022

    • @Fil Maksimovic to interview candidate

    • if OK, @Thomas Watteyne to talk one last time about software algorithms

  • @David Burnett

    • Tests on FPGA leading us to believe the FPGA boot ROM IP does not contain the instructions inside the corresponding firmware.coe file

      • Updating the IP changed observed boot behavior significantly (new UART previously unobserved output)

      • Lots of firmware.coe files floating around; unsure which one was stored in FPGA boot ROM

      • Student is writing script to write out boot ROM contents to generate new .coe file

  • @Tengfei Chang

    • was trying run OpenWSN on SCuM

    • can sync but never hears anything

    • issue was radio settings (took a while to find out)