1. @Kristofer PISTER

  2. @David Burnett

  3. @Fil Maksimovic

  4. @Yu-Chi Lin

  5. @Alex Moreno

  6. @Thomas Watteyne

Action Items


  • update from @Yu-Chi Lin

    • discussion about GPIO12 (stays low)

      • pin used as data out from SCuM to ADS board

      • @David Burnett issue seen can be explained by a number of things, but not something that can easily be fixed

      • discussion about order of connecting things to get firmware to run

      • SCuM gets signal from ADS board!

  • update from @Fil Maksimovic

    • shows join procedure working!


    • discussion about SCuM-to-SCuM communication: often, the second SCuM produces an end-to-frame event without a start-of-frame event, which causes it to fail. Does not happen when SCuM received from the OpenMote

  • update from @Alex Moreno

    • Added filtering to better visualize code updates using Matlab-applied 10 kHz LPF. ~33 MHz IF (downconverted RF LO) now exhibits much clearer tuning code changes.

    • 100 µF capacitor observed to fall to approximately 60 µF as VBAT rises

      • Trend also observed while VBAT falls

    • Same filtering technique applied to better see FSK shifting

    • Cadence simulations sweeping VBAT showing variation in LO frequency, current from VBAT, VDD_LO.