1. @David Burnett

  2. @Kristofer PISTER

  3. @Joshua Alexander

  4. @Jingyue Zhu

  5. @Eric' Tsang- Yung Wu

  6. @Austin Patel

  7. @Meg Tanaka

  8. @Timothy Claeys

  9. @Tengfei Chang

  10. @Thomas Watteyne


  • @Jinyue Zhu Update the Gripper project

    • Go over the ADC module and make it work

    • Control the Gripper based on the wireless packet sent to SCuM

  • For the accelerator project

    • Integrate external IMU chip with SCuM

  • For the hexapod Robot Project

    • Control the robot legs

    • can ask @Brian Kilberg who uses IMU and two lighthouse to localize where the SCuM is.

  • Aiming to have functioning control program and proper documents

  • @Kristofer PISTER @Austin Patel @Tengfei Chang Try to find a good path for people to use SCuM

    • The ideal solution is to have one OpenMote and one SCuM and run continuously calibration over OpenWSN stack.

  • @Tengfei Chang Update on Drone antenna carrying test

    • showing where he has been with nice pictures and videos from Greece

    • show a drone can carry the TI antenna array with three sticks joints together.

  • Update directional antenna tests result

    • The experiment is done with two Nordic DK (nRF52840), one TX one RX with 100 meters distance in between.

    • The RX is connected with the directional antenna

    • The result shows, The RX can receive packets all the time except pointing to the sky.

    • The RSSI needs to be read to determine the a better direction accuracy, a buzzer may need to beep when a packet is received.

  • @Austin Patel some range testing needs to do before shipping to Paris

  • @Thomas Watteyne expecting to receive the SCuM Slayer boards in two days.

    • There are three boards manufactured

      • one is received (confirmed by @Austin Patel)

    • reserve 6 SCuMs for the hornet project

    • We could put SCuM3B on the scum for training.

  • @Jackson Paddock clean up the Cadence documents?