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Please create a new row if your project(s) exist(s) on a separate fork!

Note that these SCuM software codebases are under development. Once the work is done, the code should be merged into the develop branch of the repository:


Branches (and functionality/notes for each)

Github Repository Link

Main PisterLab repository




- Main changes in applications/freq_sweep_rx_tx (802.15.4 tx/rx)

- Additions to make LC frequency sweeping easier (fixed Tx/Rx mode or sweep range)

- Support for manual optical calibration settings

- Low-power mode support (reduced clock speed before radio operation) for use with solar panel power

- Temperature-based LC compensation and temperature estimation (32kHz and 2MHz clock ratio approach)

- Code support for MEMS device actuation on SARA board with Zappy solar panel (zappy2.c)

- Acknowledgement support after packet received

Titan’s repository

 titan/ble and titan/scum

- Random data and plots in scum


- Support optical LC frequency calibration

- Enables temperature calibration using the 32kHz and 2MHz clock ratio

- Transmit BLE packets while tuning the LO frequency using the temperature estimate


- Main changes in applications/ble_tx and ble.c

- Enables custom BLE packet assembly and transmission

- PR:


- Main changes in applications/ble_tx_154_rx, applications/ble_tx_154_rx_track_if, and applications/ble_tx_154_rx_track_mean

- Allows SCuM to receive 802.15.4 packets and re-broadcast the contents as a BLE packet

- Uses the 802.15.4 RX IF frequency (applications/ble_tx_154_rx_track_if) or the fine codes of received 802.15.4 packets (applications/ble_tx_154_rx_track_mean) to tune the BLE TX frequency

- PR:

Tengfei’s repository


- Continuously calibration for 2MHz RC OSC frequency and the LC OSC frequency of both TX and RX

- PR:


- Continuously calibration for LC RX frequency using IF estimate

- PR:

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