SCuM workshop 2023

Welcome to the 2023 workshop Confluence page!


Detailed tutorial setup instructions with pictures can be found here: . These instructions are summarized below.


For the tutorial, we would like all attendees to bring:

Prerequisite Hardware:

  • A laptop and the ability to connect three USB-A cables. We can provide a limited number of USB hubs and USB-A to -C converters, but we may not have enough for all attendees.

If at all possible, we would also like all attendees to install:

Prerequisite Software:

  • Keil uVision ARM Cortex IDE (download here:

    • things are much easier on Windows computers, if you have Mac/Linux, you will need to install Wine/WineSkin as well (see the “Mac” section of the “Building SCuM Firmware” link in the last bullet point)

  • Python 3 (we have tested with 3.7 and higher). Make sure pip is installed alongside Python (it is selected by default).

    • Once you have Python installed, also install pyserial using pip

      • Command to install will depend on your system and might be pip install pyserial or python3 pip install pyserial

  • either clone or download the SCuM firmware and SCuM bootloader repos:

  • a serial monitor of your choice. At the moment, there is no official serial interface for SCuM.

  • All of these steps are summarized (with explanation) on this confluence page: