User Guide

How to use the SCuM Programmer.

This page is being built as we are putting together the SCuM User Experience. That is, it’s not all implemented yet.


The SCuM-programmer allows you to:

  1. load firmware onto SCuM

  2. interact with SCuM’s serial port

It consists of the following elements:

  • the Python script running on your computer which you interact with

  • an nRF52840-DK board running the scum-programmer.hex firmware, connected to your computer using a USB cable, and connected to a SCuM board using jumper cables


By default, the nRF52840-DK operates at 3V. The SCuM board operates at 1.8V and you will destroy it if you connect it to the nRF52840-DK operating at 3V.
You need to load the scum-programmer.hex firmware onto the nRF52840-DK before connecting the SCuM board. This firmware switch the nRF52840-DK to 1.8V.

nRF52840-DK pin

McCoy pin


nRF52840-DK pin

McCoy pin









  • double click on to start the program

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CCCCCCCCCCCCC MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM SS:::::::::::::::S CCC::::::::::::C M:::::::M M:::::::M S:::::SSSSSS::::::S CC:::::::::::::::C M::::::::M M::::::::M S:::::S SSSSSSS C:::::CCCCCCCC::::C M:::::::::M M:::::::::M S:::::S C:::::C CCCCCCuuuuuu uuuuuu M::::::::::M M::::::::::M S:::::S C:::::C u::::u u::::u M:::::::::::M M:::::::::::M S::::SSSS C:::::C u::::u u::::u M:::::::M::::M M::::M:::::::M SS::::::SSSSS C:::::C u::::u u::::u M::::::M M::::M M::::M M::::::M SSS::::::::SS C:::::C u::::u u::::u M::::::M M::::M::::M M::::::M SSSSSS::::S C:::::C u::::u u::::u M::::::M M:::::::M M::::::M S:::::SC:::::C u::::u u::::u M::::::M M:::::M M::::::M S:::::S C:::::C CCCCCCu:::::uuuu:::::u M::::::M MMMMM M::::::M SSSSSSS S:::::S C:::::CCCCCCCC::::Cu:::::::::::::::uuM::::::M M::::::M S::::::SSSSSS:::::S CC:::::::::::::::C u:::::::::::::::uM::::::M M::::::M S:::::::::::::::SS CCC::::::::::::C uu::::::::uu:::uM::::::M M::::::M SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CCCCCCCCCCCCC uuuuuuuu uuuuMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM Running version 1.2.3 >
  • type help to get a list of commands

> help - "ls" lists the binary files availble to bootload - "bootload <image.bin>" bootload an image onto SCuM - "transfer"

Use case 1: load firmware onto SCuM

Use case 2: interact with SCuM’s serial port