pytest Infrastructure

This page explains how to execute pytest-based tests on Jenkins


  • Log into the Jenkins builder server

  • Install pytest on the builder server with following command:

    • pip install pytest==4.6.0 # 4.6.0 is the latest pytest version supporting Python 2

  • Git clone the target repo:

  • Create a folder in the root directory called “test“

  • Create a file called ““ under “test“ folder

  • Write the test script following the document online at:

    • Here is an example test script

      import pytest import os def syscall(cmd): print '>>> {0}'.format(cmd) os.system(cmd) def test_compilation(): result = syscall("echo compilation...") assert result == None def test_bootload(): result = syscall("echo bootload...") assert result == None def test_communication(): result = syscall("echo communication...") assert result == None
  • Setup a Jenkins job (read, under “Build Step”, create a script and run command pytest