1. @David Burnett

  2. Blaz Korecic

  3. @Titan Yuan

  4. @Sara Faour

  5. @Fil Maksimovic


  • @David Burnett

    • GFMPW-1 update; not selected

    • Papers for HK workshop coming together

    • Smart Stake work: SCuM PWM for voltammetry

    • Showed some interesting results for the differential mesh variance calculation

    • Bringup of SCUMV-23 scheduled for Feb in time to prepare a HK workshop submission

    • Improved the secret key method to be 3x more efficient

    • Working on HK workshop submission

    • Introducing Blaz, intern from Chile

    • Working on making code cleaner, migrating from malloc to static allocation.

    • suggested making a union like he uses for sensor types w/ a switch case that operates on an enum

    • Submitted MQTT paper for OpenSwarm

    • Preparing proposal