@Jove Yuan

@Titan Yuan

@Lydia Lee

@Alex Moreno

@Tengfei Chang [remote]



  • @Titan Yuan

    • update on the BLE RX testing

    • scum is able to hear another scum albeit at a range of 1-2mm, but not from BLE of phone

    • Check whether phone is sending out the access address or not

    • Sweep all RX coarse, mid, and fine codes to find the optimal LC frequency for RX


  • @Jove Yuan

    • 3 working laser programmer

    • @Kristofer PISTER should be distributed to person and documented in google doc, i.e.

  • @Lydia Lee

    • update on the GPIO drivers

    • update on the Simulation

  • @Alex Moreno

    • update on the zappy

    • some puzzle here [please to fill up]