• @Kristofer PISTER

  • @Felipe Campos

  • @Meera Lester

  • @Jove Yuan

  • @Titan Yuan

  • @Ahad Rauf

  • @Alex Moreno

  • @Thomas Watteyne [remote]

  • @Tengfei Chang [remote]

Action Items

@Tengfei Chang Create/Update bsp project to have OpenMote print out the frequency offset
@Tengfei Chang Write the script test for the base demo code
@Tengfei Chang Conduct the frequency sweep test
@Thomas Watteyne Thought about standardizing an IE containing the frequency offset?


  • @Kristofer PISTER

    • Brian was able to get sweeping going

    • update about flex PCB: 3C, 377 battery clip, chip antenna. What other boards do people need?

    • calibration: 2 orthogonal axes of progress:

      • 1) understanding/implementing the best way of doing spectrum analyzer-free calibration

      • 2) doing something simple/practical to get demos working.

      • For now, keep thinking about 1, but focus on 2. let’s get a temp sensor demo

    • Lydia and Alex are trying to get more dev boards

    • what would you want?

    • SCuM and zappy2, we should be able to bond them to get them running with one sun illumination

    • get chatty on the ML

    • test program that exercises everything in the chip

      • just writing 1’s and 0’s to memory, and see if problem

      • because of the loopback capability, we could do stuff with the GPIOs

      • test program should run on any chip

    • send ideas for boards to ML

  • @Felipe Campos battery-less SCuM

    • LDO regulators

    • discussion about mechanical coil oscillation

    • discussion about having someone from EE140 to design support chips for SCuM

    • @Kristofer PISTER : send ideas about support chips to ML

    • next steps: send packets

    • 2mm x 2mm printed, at C/20 discharge 120 uAh, starts at 4V, drops down to 3V. A student could turn the 3-4V . 1-2h of lifetime,

    • 50 uA / MHz is the Cortex

    • 260/310 uA is what we measure, 3.3 MHz, bringing down the uC speed would shave off 150 uA

    • optical receiver is running now

    • discussion about how cost of sending beacons

  • @Meera Lester

    • questions for Lydia

    • use ADC to confirm sine wave input

    • @Kristofer PISTER : please use ML

    • SCuM interrupts are level sensitive, if you don’t disable the GPIOs, it keeps firing

  • @Jove Yuan optical programmer upgrade

    • ordered high-power LEDs, will arrive later this week

    • using laser to do optical calibration, successful programming disables optical calibration

    • is something in the code disabling

    • discussion about hello world application, believe works with IR LED

    • analysis of the behavior of bootload.py , analysis of a calibration packet, 500/500/2/2 are cycles in Brad’s code. Laser does transmit the right thing, unclear what happens. The optical receiver receives the bits correctly.

  • @Thomas Watteyne

    • presents update about Jenkins integration

    • @Kristofer PISTER : should we standardize an IE which contains the frequency error?