• Kris

  • Lydia

  • Brad

  • Felipe

  • Fil

  • Titan

  • Jove

  • Meera

  • Tengfei [remote]

  • Thomas [remote]

Action items

@Tengfei Chang to get base demo working, integrate with Jenkins, kick off on PR and block PR if doesn’t pass
@Lydia Lee PGA + temperature sensor testing with the ADC
@Lydia Lee Get OpenMote to hear SCM when SCM is transmitting


  • power consumption looks OK, around 300uA

  • Felipe Campos ?

    • lighthouse localization

    • 2m range for picking up pulses, sensitive to angle of incidence , question about lens

    • approx. 45 degrees, the further from the lighthouse, the narrower

    • we haven’t tried to use the lenses Brian bought

    • Brad’s code works

    • 8 pulses with 2 lighthouses, a 30Hz, you don’t image that changes too much, interisting filter to filter which lighthouse emits what

    • pulse length: 50-150 us

    • looking to get x,y,z position. You need to calibrate

  • optical programmer update (Jove)

    • laser must be close to chip

    • bootloading takes less than 10s, not sure whether we want to go faster

    • optical calibration does not complete, debugging why

  • Lydia update

  • SCuM LC Calibration [Titan]

    • not best approach to simply store all coarse+mid+fine codes, such that they are monotonic

    • use mid0 and coarse0, calibrate for each coarse code

    • simulator result, on the left what the RC sweep looks like

    • simulator result looks linear, outliers, but is monotonic

    • using the LC count within every 100ms, using optical interrupt

    • discussion about LC count vs. LC monotonic

    • plan is to, during optical calibration, we run this calibration

    • the fine lsb is about 40 ppm

    • discussion about next steps: measure twice, skip some mid codes to minimize number of fine → mid rollovers

  • update from Paris [Thomas, Tengfei]

    • links

    • next steps: getting base test running on Jenkins

  • Fil: update about radiation from SCuM

    • goal: baseline radiation to compare with wirebond antenna

  • Meera

    • working on debugging

  • update from Craig: 3C driving Zappy2 with an external HV supply, driving inchworm-based gripper when 3C detects a button press.