SCuM meeting 23-Sep-2019


  • Lydia

  • Titan

  • Jove

  • Ahad

  • Tengfei

  • Thomas

Action items


@Thomas Watteyne to prepare pad/www/meet.crystalfree.org
@Lydia Lee to review EWSN paper
@Lydia Lee to buy webcam?


  • Titan@berkeley

    • presents his way of calibrating the LC, sweeping from [0,0,0] to [31,31,31]

    • sweeping takes 20min

    • discussion about clock noise, using optical SFD and RFTimer

    • this week:

      • get cal monotonic

      • use OpenMote as frequency reference to sweep against it

  • Jove@berkeley

    • optical programmer

    • successful using laser

    • laser shines a line

    • next week:

      • check optical cal, as programming isn't a guarantee that cal works

  • Ahad

    • current consumption

    • looking at problem on Q9 dev board (all should work except for UART, although Lydia indicates there may be larger problem, Ahad confirms GPIOs work)

    • Thomas asks to take a pic of setup and add to slide

    • 310 uA of current after programming, with ASC all to 0

  • Thomas & Tenfei

    • EWSN paper

      • Thomas presents RC of the paper

      • Lydia agrees to do a quick review

    • code review

      • Thomas proposes to do the following PRs:

        • same code with indentation

        • same code with comments

        • replacing magic values by #define statements

      • Lydia would be primary reviewer of PR from Paris

      • discussion about simple tests to verify non-regression:

      • 15.4 communication between SCUM and OpenMote

      • verify ldo control functionality

      • verify simple GPIO

    • admin

      • crystalfree.org bought

      • Thomas to set up www/pad/meet.crystalfree.org

      • Lydia to buy webcam