• @Jackson Paddock

  • @Austin Patel

  • @Brian Kilberg

  • @David Burnett

  • @Titan Yuan

  • @Timothy Claeys

  • @Tengfei Chang

  • @Kristofer PISTER


  • @Kristofer PISTER question @Timothy Claeys

    • If we could put the whole stack into the ROM as the bootloader in SCuM

    • @Timothy Claeys we need to make sure there is no bug in the stack before moving the whole stack into the ROM (fuzzing?).

    • We could only upload the app software into RAM. We may need to create a better API to separate the CoAP application and stack in the ROM.

    • @Austin Patel we need the calibrating LC frequency software in the bootloader as well.

    • @Timothy Claeys How to deal with variable network configuration parameters.

    • @Kristofer PISTER we can copy the configuration from the SRAM first before running the stack.

    • @Kristofer PISTER the ability to load bytes to data memory should be able to be done through boot loading process.

    • @Timothy Claeys Legacy Trickle algorithm used to update WSN (see RPL)

  • @Tengfei Chang Update on Continuous Calibration

    • The continuously calibration works fine within the setting the mid code doesn’t change, otherwise it lost the communication.

    • @Kristofer PISTER Let SCuM to probe on the setting at next mid code to see which fine code works, so when the current mid code reached to the 31, SCuM can jump to next working mid code.

  • @Austin Patel Update on SCuM Solar RX/TX

    • looking for the fine code VS the ratio: 2MHz count / 32kHz count. It works to use the linear relationship between them to do the communication.

    • Oven not available, experiments done on a hot plate

    • Repeat the test on SARA on solar

    • Unexpected byte 18 in decimal randomly shows up when SCuM transmits to OpenMote. Only shows up for some values of fine code, other fine code values give correct packet contents.

  • @Titan Yuanupdate on the BLE paper.

  • @Kristofer PISTER do we have the chip+battery board update from @Fil Maksimovic ? Answer: not yet.

  • @Brian Kilberg

    • Estimation on computational power for doing triangulation on SCuM. Roughly 8ms ?

  • Something weird happened during the meeting, both audio and video lost (same for everyone).

Results for continuously calibration

The frequency setting (code ) of TX and temperature changes over time (x_axis: second).

The frequency offset and temperature changes over time (x_axis: second) (target frequency offset is 2).

The 2M frequency setting and temperature changes over time (x_axis: second).

The 2M counts and temperature changes over time (x_axis: second) (target 2m count is 60,000).