• @Thomas Watteyne

  • @Timothy Claeys

  • @Jackson Paddock

  • @Kristofer PISTER

  • @Austin Patel


  • @Thomas Watteyne @Timothy Claeys

    • no major SCuM-related updates from the Paris side

  • @Jackson Paddock

    • simulation running thanks to @David Burnett

    • but runs very very slowly, currently at 40%

    • @David Burnett suggests to let it run until 50%

    • @David Burnett you only need to do this simulation once. Ran multiple ones before

  • @Austin Patel

    • busy with work

    • plans: will write SCuM software, zappy controlling leg motors

    • want to translate SARA code to 2 motors, no firm deadlines

    • fabrications might start this week

    • more integration with gripper in the fall?

    • question about hornet demo

  • @Thomas Watteyne exciting demo: put SCuM chips on hornets

    • build smallest possible SCuM device and test it (must be attached to hornet)

    • send signal from SCuM and capture it (antenna array mounted on drone which automatically follows hornet)

    • @Thomas Watteyne to send description to @Austin Patel and @Jackson Paddock and discuss this later in the week