• @Kristofer PISTER

  • @Titan Yuan

  • aren?

  • Daniel Teal

  • Brian

  • @Alex Moreno


  • summary of 2019, see below

  • goal for this semester: getting several working micro-robots

  • hardware wishlist for each, see below


  • @Titan Yuan BLE TX works

    • all in user guide

    • demo if you want to test BLE onSCuM chips

  • eye-safe programmers, but don’t work great

    • but you need 5-10 tries, not consistent even with the same orientation

  • Brian update

    • full 3D localization using lighthouse

    • some LDO setting seem to interfere with

    • adding IMU, making smaller board

  • Felipe showed that you could integrate MIMSY, IMU, EKF

  • we got SCuM to run from Zappy solar panels, including running electrostatic inchworm micro-motors

  • 1 ksps (maybe?) from the ADC and 8 bit of resolution (maybe), simple inch-worm motor works

  • we need to put all of that together

  • goal for the semester: we have gripper (Daniel), tactile stimulators (Dillon), jumpers (Craig), walkers (Hani), etc

    • we should have all 4

    • taction with Eric Paulos, using inch motors to poke people, HCI teams excited

  • coordinate with @Titan Yuan using app “lightblue”

    • receive 15.4, send BLE

  • action item: having Brian create a PR in the CI environment, and merge the code as part of our meeting 2 weeks from now

  • action item: for EWSN demo, show a SCuM chip receiving a string over 15.4, and echo’ing that over BLE

  • hardware wishlist


3x SCuM+IMU - existing board that Fil designed is fine if they work


3x SCuM+IMU - existing board that Fil designed is fine if they work

@Titan Yuan

dev board mostly works - would like 2 more

@Thomas Watteyne

  • broken devices for demos (SCuM, SCuM+Zappy, etc)

  • SCuM “chip“ we can run through our reflow oven


3-5 SCuM+Zappy chips


easy way to start 15.4 communication, dev board works