• @Austin Patel

  • @Jackson Paddock

  • @David Burnett

  • @Timothy Claeys

  • @Tengfei Chang


  • @Jackson Paddock (V plus ?) simulation is working

  • @Tengfei Chang update

    • Sending ibeacons on nRF52840 DK to verify the format

    • Design rPi with supervisord to program SCuM in the field

      • use the radio communication to verify the programming is succeed or not.

    • Discussing on how the localization works using 802.15.4 frame and BLE frame

      • For 802.15.4, using one drone with one Mote should be fine, using two for redundancy

      • For BLE direction finding

        • @Kristofer PISTER how that performs in practical, under the fact of multiple path fading issue?

        • @Kristofer PISTER we could have BLE calibrated for TX based on the IEEE802.15.4 communication.