1. @Jackson Paddock

  2. @Brian Kilberg

  3. @Titan Yuan

  4. @Kristofer PISTER

  5. @Mališa Vučinić

  6. @Timothy Claeys

  7. @Thomas Watteyne

  8. @Razanne

  9. @Tengfei Chang


  • @Thomas Watteyne almost done with paper, research report and video for DCOSS work:


  • @Brian Kilberg Update

  • @Jackson Paddock running SCuM simulation

    • Simulation seems to be freezing or running slowly with no indication of progress from ADE

  • @Titan Yuan

    • not clear whether small boards work

    • LR44 should work with SCuM because of the large current

    • demo: bandages with SCuM, wound monitoring under the bandages

    • first step: LR44. @Kristofer PISTER offers to send e-mail to @Titan Yuan and @Fil Maksimovic

  • @Mališa Vučinić

    • update on LAKE: standardization on light-weight authenticated protocol, replacement for TLS

    • just adoption call for EDHOC, finally

    • @Kristofer PISTER if gets approved, we will have list of ciphers we want in SCuM 4?

    • @Mališa Vučinić SHA-256 , Ed25519, AES-128

  • @Tengfei Chang

    • continuous calibration: transmit and receive on SCuM using temperature

    • SCuM boards in Switzerland, is having someone sending it to Paris

    • @Kristofer PISTER tracking: are you tracking both LC and 2 MHz and 64 MHz receiver clock?

    • @Tengfei Chang : will see whether 2MHz needed

    • @Titan Yuan didn’t track the 2M, but was still able to receive at +/- 10 C

    • @Kristofer PISTER in @Brad Wheeler ’s receiver:

      • 64 MHz: is adding/substracting spots in what is receiving, don’t remember whether that is available to the software

      • 2 MHz: don’t remember. You could calibrate against the LC tank.

  • @Timothy Claeys

    • measured flash/RAM usage

      • minimal (just core stack: TSCH, MSF):