• @Brian Kilberg

  • @Kristofer PISTER

  • @Austin Patel

  • @Jackson Paddock

  • @Titan Yuan

  • @Timothy Claeys

  • @Tengfei Chang


@Brian Kilberg

  • Update IMU data reading

    • IMU average: 66Hz

    • Lighthouse 75Hz

    • Kalman tracking

      • (voice lost)

    • Attitude tracking

      • (voice lost)

    • Summary

      • higher IMU data rate helps estimation

      • IMU packet data rate fluctuates when lighthouse packets are being sent

      • Yaw tracking isn’t really working.

@Austin Patel @Jackson Paddock

  • Reducing the digital LDO … (missed) ???

  • Trying to run simulation of Brad’s SCuM3B testbench to loook for the current leakage, the simulation doesn’t show the leakage current

  • Solution next step: to try on a new testbench.

@Austin Patel

  • Transmitting on SCuM with solar panel

  • monitor the current during different status of radio

  • Goal is to run on the SARA board with solar

    • Able to transmit 13ms with 2 solar illuminate [need to confirm]

    • SCuM Tx on solar, current drops before transmitting

    • printf is executed before transmitting, and during printf the current, the current drops (not sure is because of this)

    • SCuM Tx without solar

  • Optical calibration limitation

    • try to find the influence from the power supply to the calibration result.

    • @Kristofer PISTER it’s possible to model the voltage coefficient and temperature coefficient with LC frequency,

    • next step:

      • send a packet from SCuM to the MEMS gripper and switch-off, with solar powered.

@Titan Yuan

  • read IF estimate need to be done before calling radio_rfOff()

  • Use IF to calibrate the LC frequency , ideally OpenWSN will use this method to calibrate LC.

  • Test SCuM radiation (transmitting range?) up to 48in at 20 degree SCuM is able to convey data to (without wire bonded Antenna)

@Tengfei Chang

  • VLSI figures are ready, will write up the text this week

  • Wire bonding of SCuM

    • Ask @Alex Moreno about the type of wire used for SCuM. @Kristofer PISTER SCuM should be use wedge bonding, but shouldn’t make a difference.