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  • @Tengfei Chang update on direction finding with SCuM. SCuM can transmit packet with CTE!

    • wrong sample reading from last present, fixed.

    • have SCuM transmit unwhitened '1’s and “0“s showing the phase moving direction changed (from low to high → high to low)

    • next step: use antenna array to perform the test

      • ordered antenna adapters for the TI AoA antenna array kits, will arrive next week.

      • ask nordic to send the AoA antenna array kit, confirmed will send to us.

  • @Thomas Watteyne Update the Glue wieght Test

    • The different dots of glues (N’1-5) are tested and all are less then 15mg

    • After 15mins, the glue weight dropped to 1/2

    • what’s the communication range?

  • showing hornet catching video

  • show a tracking robots using a video shot by GoPro