1. @Andrew Fearing

  2. @Thomas Watteyne

  3. @Joshua Alexander

  4. @Jackson Paddock

  5. @Said Alvarado-Marin

  6. @Kristofer PISTER

  7. @Austin Patel

  8. @Fil Maksimovic

  9. Carol Yan

  10. @Razanne Abu-Aisheh

  11. @Alex Moreno

  12. @David Burnett

Action items

@Andrew Fearing to get a quote from Gold Phoenix.
@Austin Patel and @Jackson Paddock to go in the lab to test the small boards, including UART.
@Kristofer PISTER and/or @David Burnett and/or @Fil Maksimovic to review the design of the large board with @Joshua Alexander .
@Alex Moreno to follow up with Smart Bandage team to see if existing Hornet Slayer board with battery holder will work for them
@Fil Maksimovic to show @Austin Patel@Andrew Fearing@Joshua Alexander his 20948+SCuM+battery_holder board design and software that was used to read IMU and send RF packets. Software is in a repo somewhere hopefully?
@Kristofer PISTER to talk to @Lydia Lee about whether her new optical receiver will be able to handle Lighthouse 2 signals, and if we have any Lighthouse 2s lying around the lab.
Assuming NRF testing is successful, @Kristofer PISTER to find someone to design a board that plugs directly into the NRF board with no need for jumpers.


  • small board

    • @Austin Patel and @Jackson Paddock will be going in the lab to test the small boards

      • Does current look right when applying VBAT

      • Does GPIO0 go high

      • Does optical programming work

      • Does UART work

      • Does RF work

    • we need to rev the small board with a connector for the antenna, so this assembly is just test fundamentals

    • rev the board, given the specifics, costs close to $1k

    • @Fil Maksimovic : you could use https://www.goldphoenixpcb.com/

    • @Austin Patel to update notes

    • will use optical first, then 3-wire bus with Teensy, then maybe 3-wire bus with nRF

    • @Andrew Fearing to get a quote from Gold Phoenix

    • @Kristofer PISTER we should review the board review from @Joshua Alexander ?

  • Carol

    • would like to use small board for smart bandage project

    • can I get a small board?

    • @Austin Patel can build a second board

    • discussion about reuse the HornetSlayer PCB for the band-aid. MEng team could use it.

    • @Alex Moreno we have rigid board for Hornet as well (on top of the flex PCBs). Plenty of board to test with.

    • @Kristofer PISTER maybe we could use a couple of Hornet Boards

  • discussion about board design

    • @Alex Moreno VBAT, GND, antenna trace

    • @Kristofer PISTER : what happened to board from @Fil Maksimovic

    • @Fil Maksimovic : have design files. Only problem is the contact with the battery holder. Has been solved since?

    • @Andrew Fearing the XL on the small board is the the InvenSense ICM-20948

    • discussion about regulator

    • Should test UART as well when testing small board.

    • @Alex Moreno indicates had put together battery testing data with @Austin Patel

    • @Alex Moreno happy to show how does the assembly

  • @Razanne Abu-Aisheh

    • working on Atlas algorithm, some finalization on the robot simulator

    • deadline for DCOSS pushed to 31-Mar-2021

    • had a presentation about vision for DotBot

  • @Fil Maksimovic and @Said Alvarado-Marin

    • lighthouse 2 reverse engineering

    • looked at the modulated laser from the lighthouse

    • discussion about inter-symbol interference

    • doesn’t konw if anyone has been able to decode lighthouse system on a small uC. Crazifly did it on an FPGA

    • @Said Alvarado-Marin connect to the serial console in the back of teh LH2. You can change the mode of the lighthouse. Extracted full list of polynomial. Dump command.

    • discussion about Martina and Andreia

  • @Said Alvarado-Marin

    • startup voltage of the nRF52840

    • limit on the amount of current the VDD pin can source 7mA max when radio on, otherwise 20mA

      • @Fil Maksimovic confirm that’s plenty

      • 1.21 GW not necessary

  • SCuM receiving LH2 signal - no info yet?