1. @David Burnett

  2. @Joshua Alexander

  3. @Fil Maksimovic

  4. @Alfonso Cortés

  5. @Mina Rady

  6. @Andrew Fearing

  7. @Kristofer PISTER

  8. @Alex Moreno

  9. @Austin Patel


  • @David Burnett Submitted paper to ISCAS2022

  • @Fil Maksimovic

    • Got SCuM to talk to nRF while nRF is running a BSP function

    • Is received by nRF but packet contents need debugging; could be bitwise interpretation issues

    • nRF is clearly receiving a packet from SCuM though

    • Getting things working with OpenWSN 2.0 w/ cmake; BSP radio functions seem to build correctly

    • Suggestions for testing Sulu board by Berkeley team:

      • Power consumption

      • Logic analyzer set to 19200 baud connected to SCuM’s UART output

      • BSP is expected to work fine for more complex tests. BSP is not currently integrated into SCuM programmer code; needs to be merged (should be simple).

    • @Kristofer PISTER Maybe simpler in the short term to use nRF for programming and OpenMote to test RF communication

    • @Austin Patel to supply OpenMote code (add link here please)

    • Clock calibration is done through the nRF

    • Current programming method involves holding VDDD at 1V for debugging simplicity

    • Local bond house quote £2000, looking around for alternatives

  • @Andrew Fearing 2 sulu boards, optically programmable, seem to be working

    • Both boards use DCDC converters but are missing 1 inductor on each board so tests were undertaken using external 1.8v supply

    • Measured current using “allgpiotoggle”

    • Current consumption after tap differs because due testing is at 1.5v whereas PCB testing was done at 1.8v.

    • Increased current when VDDIO=VBAT instead of 0 could be due to GPIO output signals on by default and driving PCB traces, etc.

  • @Mina Rady suggests using his UART relay functions

  • @Joshua Alexander Updates on SCuM/nRF communication

    • Transfer of scum programmer firmware to nRF suffers from random disconnections

    • Next want to verify nRF programming works at 1.1v? 1.8v?

    • Verify optical programming works at expected VDD values

    • Test UART, IMU, DCDC (once L soldered on); need schedule and responsibility division between @Joshua Alexander and @Andrew Fearing

  • @Mina Rady ran 11 km link (1 hop) using two OpenMoteB at 868 MHz

    • FSK, battery powered, 50 kbps, ~60 mW consumed in TX or RX

    • OpenMote B can listen at 2.4 G and TX at 900 MHz or vice-versa