1. @David Burnett

  2. @Fil Maksimovic

  3. @Said Alvarado-Marin

  4. @Martina Balbi


  • @David Burnett

    • Summarized McCoy status: @Austin Patel performed “VDDD tap” testing on McCoy boards and found 1.8V didn’t immediately work; 1.1V worked fine so more thorough experiments are pending. Accelerometer drive fight and comparatively low VDD_alwayson voltage (nominally 0.9V) may be contributing factors. Results will inform ribbon cable design. PCB is likely OK

  • @Said Alvarado-Marin

    • Spliced together a working dotbot PCB & complete robot

    • Remotely controllable via BLE thanks to @Martina Balbi.

    • Iterating PCB design next

    • Working with @Fil Maksimovic on lighthouse 2 calibration; need 4 working simultaneously.

  • @Fil Maksimovic

    • OpenCV running

    • In the midst of using Crazyflie’s recent calibration git release

  • @Martina Balbi

    • Got dotbot BLE controller working

    • UI for mobile & PC up next