1. @Jackson Paddock

  2. @Thomas Watteyne

  3. @David Burnett

  4. @Austin Patel

  5. @Kristofer PISTER

  6. @Said Alvarado-Marin

  7. @Martina Balbi

  8. @Fil Maksimovic


  • discussion about ultra low-power operation

  • @Austin Patel

    • McCoy boards are in Emeryville

    • we don’t have an update about Spock

    • starts internship on May 17, 2021 , but can still contribute

    • goal is to have boards working and shipped for being built

  • @Said Alvarado-Marin

    • DotBot chassis built

    • PCB rework station arrived today

    • spent the day reworking DotBot PCB’s, step-up converter

  • @Martina Balbi

    • nRF Connect SDK working

    • running examples on Bluetooth

    • @Kristofer PISTER approached by startup doing metering, interested in more than single-hop

  • @Fil Maksimovic

    • LH2 working on nRF, would like to better handle bit errors