1. @Kristofer PISTER

  2. @David Burnett

  3. @Fil Maksimovic

  4. @Austin Patel

  5. @Joshua Alexander

  6. @Andrew Fearing

  7. @Said Alvarado-Marin

  8. @Alex Moreno

  9. @Alfonso Cortés

  10. @Trifun Savic

  11. @José Astorga Tobar


  • @Joshua Alexander Board testing proceeding, some wirebond mishaps

  • @Alex Moreno

    • Wirebonded PCBs just delivered

    • Testing with Anju’s batteries ongoing

    • Voltage sampling at 10 Hz; need to repeat measurement at higher sampling rate to reveal higher frequency components

  • @Fil Maksimovic Working on tap from nRF procedure; whether tap succeeds appears to be related to code under execution. When removing external vddd voltage, some codes proceed, some halt and CPU resets, some hold and resume when external vddd re-applied.

  • @Mina Rady OpenWSN minimum firmware size is approx. 42 kB; maximum observed is around 70 kB.

  • @Austin Patel supplied sample SCuM UART output

  • @David Burnett overview of student projects so far: wirebond antennas, digital design and synthesis, OpenWSN firmware.