1. @Thomas Watteyne

  2. @Austin Patel

  3. @Jackson Paddock

  4. @Kristofer PISTER

  5. @Fil Maksimovic

  6. @Andrew Fearing

  7. @Joshua Alexander

  8. @Martina Balbi

  9. @Said Alvarado-Marin

  10. @David Burnett


  • @Jackson Paddock

    • Has a working BAG2 script for low drop out regulators. Demonstrations in 65 nm TSMC

    • Has a schedule for his MS - code freeze 1 week, write for 2 weeks, 1 week for feedback

  • @Austin Patel

    • dev board updates

    • McCoy: nothing is not working

      • @Austin Patel has some suggestions for changes to @Andrew Fearing

      • how to operate IMU off battery? IMU VDD and DVVIO need 1.7V, battery only supplies 1.55V

      • regulator? how to integrate with Anju’s batteries (4.2 to 3V is the range for her batteries)

      • @Kristofer PISTER : simplest setup to get people up and running → having wire power is fine. PoC with wires is OK (e.g. virtual keyboard). Let’s not try to put too much, do as simple as possible.

      • battery holder for SR416SW: only SCuM works. If you want to run the IMU, connect an external 1.8V power source to a pair of pins

      • antenna options are

        • chip antenna

        • pin

      • @Kristofer PISTER : for PoC probably fine to have the antenna trace to a through hole for a header, connect a wire to it.

      • @Fil Maksimovic agrees, chip antennas on chip antennas should not work. MIMSY is the counter-example. Simple wire on the through hole in the past has worked pretty well. We could so some antenna testing in the Inria anechoic chamber.

      • @David Burnett : reason for a chip antenna is that have experience with OpenMote chip antennas

    • large board

      • shows picture of fully assembled board

      • 3wb programming, power, radio working all works

      • one issue: if no Teensy or USB, providing 1.5V VBAT (Vin floating), see 36uA current draw, expects 350uA. Same up to 1.8V.

      • no idea from anyone

      • not working

        • 1.8V regulator issues

        • level shifters shift to VBAT instead of VDDIO

        • level shifter for RsTx has shift direction incorrect

      • @Kristofer PISTER other SCuM will be taped out in Aug 1, 2021