1. @Andrew Fearing

  2. @Thomas Watteyne

  3. @Jackson Paddock

  4. @Said Alvarado-Marin

  5. @David Burnett

  6. @Kristofer PISTER

  7. @Fil Maksimovic

  8. @Joshua Alexander

  9. @Austin Patel

  10. @Razanne Abu-Aisheh


  • @Fil Maksimovic

    • playing with FPGA (https://tinyfpga.com/, ICE40LP8K)

    • discussion about

  • @Jackson Paddock

    • got a larger board made

    • believe @Austin Patel was wire-bonding

  • @Andrew Fearing

    • sent a couple of links

  • @Thomas Watteyne

  • @Austin Patel

    • did some wirebonding

    • may have understood why wirebonding wasn’t attaching to SCuM pads

    • wirebonded VDD/VBAT/GND, was able to connect headers, seeing 300uA from SCuM, which is good. Could also connect Teensy but something wrong with connection, e.g. VDDD (no voltage on the pin)

    • @David Burnett discussion about Teensy and multimeter woud allow @Joshua Alexander to test out boards

    • @Jackson Paddock can assemble a new large board

    • @Joshua Alexander to order a Teensy and multimeter or Analog Discovery to test board

    • @Austin Patel about McCoy, wirebonded, but when trying to connect VBAT and GND, something was shorting

    • @Andrew Fearing thinks he has the equipment to get a board tested

    • @Austin Patel can hand off a board to @Andrew Fearing . Just board with headers (@Kristofer PISTER confirms no SCuM)

    • discussion about temp profile of the reflow oven

    • @Alex Moreno helped assemble the small board

  • @Said Alvarado-Marin

    • DotBot 1.3 built (see below)

    • working on single PCB design, schematic is ready, ETA Mar 8, 2021

  • @Razanne Abu-Aisheh