1. @Joshua Alexander

  2. @David Burnett

  3. @Fil Maksimovic

  4. @Alex Moreno

  5. @Said Alvarado-Marin

Action Items


  • Testing of L24 and L25 immediately after last meeting went well, no showstoppers found

  • Materials for 12 more boards dropped off with Digicom yesterday

    • Delay was to test packaged SCuM ICs to ensure boards would be assembled with functioning SCuMs given a shortage of DC-DC converters

  • Component shortage is becoming an issue with 1.8V DC-DC (Ablic S-85S1AB18-I6T1U) and corresponding inductor after checking Digikey, Mouser, Arrow, and other google hits along the way.

    • Options include using 1.5 DC-DC at the cost of not being able to power the IMU

  • Approx 30 mins setup plus 12 mins per packaged SCuM test; estimating 7 hours for 23 packages left to go

    • Six probes: power, gnd, boot source sel, 3wb data/enb/clk

  • Digicom should be finished with assembly Fri or Mon

  • Recommending testing early and often to trace back any problems that are discovered during assembly

  • Printed battery results presented

  • dotbot is alive!

  • Writing rapid SCuM auto-calibration code