1. @Andrew Fearing

  2. @David Burnett

  3. @Austin Patel

  4. @Alex Moreno

  5. @Joshua Alexander

  6. @Kristofer PISTER

Action Items

@David Burnett send shipping address to @Joshua Alexander for 3x boards


  • @Joshua Alexander Picking up boards right after meeting. If tests look good, can manufacture 22 more with current parts for a total of 36 working boards

    • Sulu seems to reset most of the time (29 of 36 trials when battery powering SCuM) when unplugged from nRF dev kit board after programming. Usually happens when disconnecting hard reset pin.

    • VDDD tap works reliably by mechanically moving pin

    • Issue with brownout when printed battery reaches ~3.5 V still under investigation

  • @David Burnett likely getting funding for a summer project to turn a CMOS FET into a relative humidity sensor at the UW nanolab. Goal is to combine with on-die temperature sensor to detect a wildfire front pass by.