1. @David Burnett

  2. @Yichen Liu

  3. Abanob Bostouros

  4. @Thomas Watteyne

  5. @Alex Moreno


  • @David Burnett

    • Showed some shots from etching SCM1D in HF for 4 minutes

  • @Thomas Watteyne

    • ICC paper @Fil Maksimovic is leading, deadline pushed to Nov 1, 2022

    • Real SCuM-to-SCuM network and calibration with just 1 OpenMote!

    • Paris event becoming more and more real. Would like to lock down the week of Sep 11, 2023.

  • Introducing Abanob working on localization

    • Started with overview of @Brian Kilberg's dissertation work.

    • Hardware goals are to use 5 SCuMs simultaneously.

    • Suggestion to write quick model of expected data to estimate performance in simulation before setting up experiment

    • Question: how will IMU data be combined? Averaging, weighting, etc.?

    • Could benefit from a hardware accelerator if successful. @Yichen Liu pitched a NN accelerator for robot control too. Current spec is 5 input, 3 hidden, and 2 output layers.