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  • @Fil Maksimovic

  • @David Burnett


  • discussion about GM between and

    • not too many SCuM updates

    • started doing time experiments on SCuM network (2x SCuM)

    • characterize how sync’ed the SCuM are to one another, and to OpenMote, as a function of frequency of EBs

    • OpenMote-SCuM-SCuM network runs, even with a 16b EB period

    • very large Horizon Europe OpenSwarm project accepted! 6M

    • SCuM-related workshop in late Spring 2023 in Paris?

      • Inria allocated some extra funds to associate team; I can ask to move to next year

    • will be in Thailand next week

    • Orienting new summer student today to work on SCuM power consumption in different modes

    • Probe station components coming together to work with individual dice without requiring PCBs, packages, etc.

    • PDK NDAs for cloud IC design tool use moving along

    • Silicon Labs Austria open-source IC design tool workshop happening all of August in Linz and remotely