1. @Austin Patel

  2. @David Burnett

  3. @Tengfei Chang

  4. @Alex Moreno

  5. @Thomas Watteyne

  6. @Fil Maksimovic

  7. @Yu-Chi Lin

Action Items


  • @Yu-Chi Lin getting started with SCuM test code

    • Openmote firmware crashing after a few packets. Issue appears to be related to colorama.

    • Keil installer MDK537 uses compiler 6; MDK536 is last known working compiler 5 version

    • Per @Austin Patel: It looks like if you have a serial number of a certain version you can input that at the bottom of the page here and access older versions https://www.keil.com/download/product/

  • @Tengfei Chang Prepared some slides about SCuM joining an OpenWSN network

  • @Alex Moreno Identified widespread wirebond liftoff in failed Sulu boards under microscope

    • Presented slides about VBAT vs LO freq measurements