1. @David Burnett

  2. @Fil Maksimovic

  3. @Austin Patel

  4. Tarak Arbi

  5. @Kristofer PISTER

  6. @Alex Moreno

Action Items


  • @Fil Maksimovic SCuM can stay synched at 10 s intervals with 1.5 ms guard time.

    • Network was OpenMote (root) → scum → scum. Adding 1 more scum is next.

    • Maybe getting an OpenMote to join the network with a SCuM parent after a chain of 2-3 scums.

    • Would require using opentimer instead of direct access to capture/compare registers

    • Beware low PDR (60-70%) if the receiver is on for a long time vs. being duty cycled. Root cause as yet unknown.

      • Also helpful is to powercycle the radio every ~100 ms.

      • Open question is whether the missed packets are periodic, e.g., 3 OK 1 missed etc.

    • @Austin Patel interested in a star network, OpenMote (root) → 5x scum, current results should support that network.

      • Data rate will be limited because OpenMote can only Rx from one scum at a time.

      • If OpenWSN is using 10 ms slots, mean latency should be 25 ms. Packet loss must be accounted for too.

      • Music needs 1 ms latency, typical gaming is 20-70 ms response, high performance gaming is 1 ms. Typical human eye to hand reaction time is 70 ms.

  • Tarak Arbi presented slides about BPSK demodulation

    • Per Fil, looks like bank 1 GPOs 8-15 output have I_LC<1:4> and Q_LC<1:4> I think those are the two 4bit ADCs. We may be able to use those GPOs to get sampled IF output and try to do BPSK demod.