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  • @David Burnett

    • Recruiting summer interns to work on Smartmesh/MSP430 gas sensor and microfabbed humidity sensor

      • Consider 2 UARTs on SCuM in future

    • Provided update about MRI project this week

    • L12 board notes show that board had initial issues that were thought to be rooted in pin header issues, later fixed, unknown why issues persist

    • Openmote sends synchronization beacons, SCuM can always get those packets. But it can rarely continue with time-slotted communication after joining the network. “Weird.”

    • Confirmed SCuM is turning its receiver on at the correct time including guard time. This means BSP functions are working fine.

    • Whole network uses channel 11

    • After it desynchronizes, SCuM can pick up beacons again quickly.

    • Still looking for signs of lighthouse pulse detection. Pulses are received by optical receiver but still working to get GPIO pulse to indicate lighthouse signal has been detected.