• @Fil Maksimovic

  • @David Burnett

  • @Kristofer PISTER

  • Yichen Liu

  • Daniel Lovell

  • @Austin Patel

  • @Titan Yuan


    • Solved 2x variance discrepancy

    • Demonstrated that nominal error on transmitter’s chip clock and receiver’s baseband clock negate each other and communication is successful. 5% shown to work.

    • Summer student has SCuM firmware up and running, currently debugging strange current consumption readings when connecting to JouleScope including fluctuation by up to 2x if other USB devices are connected to the USB hub

    • Requested nRF binaries to include with SCuM getting started guide

  • Good time to buy 10x nRF boards and have 50x Sulu boards manufactured led by

  • Introductions from everyone

    • needs to write up ADC characterization for 's project