1. @Thomas Watteyne

  2. @David Burnett

  3. @Austin Patel

  4. @Fil Maksimovic

  5. @Alex Moreno

Action Items


  • is seeing good sync when exchanging packets every 2 s in contrast to earlier results showing <0.5 s was required.

    • Observed RX must be powered for approximately 1.8 ms before packet arrives or else received packet is often missed.

    • Experiments to see if 32 kHz clock can run RFTIMER, and whether turning only the RX LDO 1.8 ms early and the LO LDO on 200 us early works, are pending.

    • OpenMote to scum to scum to scum multi-hopping works! Calibration takes about 2 minutes and runs automatically

  • needs to adjust the calibrated fine codes by a few LSBs to make the full stack works. If he uses the calibrated code, it synchronizes but loses sync quickly. Codes stay fixed for now but we know we want to add calibration feedback eventually.

  • presented slides on 2 MHz clock freq vs. VBAT

  • getting SPI communication with ADI eval board working