@Meera Lester

@Jove Yuan

@Titan Yuan

@Kristofer PISTER

@brian kilberg

@Tengfei Chang [remote] (joined almost at the end)


@Titan Yuan update: can’t RX BLE packets despite exhaustive testing with phone. Will try generating simple sequences with RF signal generator and look at CDR clock and data outputs. Will submit calibration procedure to IoT conference due Sunday.

@Meera Lester

  • Update on Micro Robot Actuation. Using RFtimer, reseting counter every 40 ms. Won’t work with other people’s code, but it was what worked quickly

  • Will submit micro robot control project to IoT conference due sunday

Felipe Campos

Update on Mimsy+lighthouse+Kalman filter project. Will port to SCuM soon.

@Jove Yuan

  • Update on Optical program

  • replaced board and laser, reverted all code changes, able to bootloads on Q4, Q5 and Q6

  • Bootload + calibration works on Q4, bootload works on Q5 and Q6

  • pad_random_payload (appending random bits to end of program to send a total of 64kB of data) working most of the time

  • Optical programmer data corrupted at larger pulse lengths

  • @Kristofer PISTER the laser is cheap, should buy a bunch more

  • Laser and LED can both program on old settings, laser seems to be more robust

  • Laser and LED can both program on old settings (80/80/2/80)

@brian update a demo about the localization on lighthouse