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  • @Kristofer PISTER

    • SCuM-V '23 team looks to have found an AES block and is looking into ECC. ECC is feasible in software, worst-case.

    • Hunting through SCuM 3C documentation to find PUF circuit possibilities

    • May prepare a presentation on PUFs for later SCuM meeting. What are the latest techniques? Say the PUF works, what will it be used for?

    • Ugrad student Jacob is nearing full debugging of vddd tap chip firmware. Planning to present work and results it at SCuM workshop in Sept.

  • showed a video of complete link from ammonium sensor to OpenMote!

    • ADC tends to stick at large powers of 2, e.g., 256

    • NO2: anion, trend shows decreasing voltage with higher concentration