1. @David Burnett

  2. @Fil Maksimovic

  3. @Tengfei Chang

  4. @Titan Yuan

Action Items


  • @David Burnett

    • Surface-mount battery clip breaking off; just received through-hole versions and new PCBs yesterday

    • L18 chip runs for 52 minutes on one size 337 battery until VBAT = 1.29 V. Approx 1.6 mAh extracted of 8.3 mAh expected. Likely explained by average current >1 mA due to continuous TX.

    • Across ~10 chips, initial power-on current (idle current before optical programming) is in the 200’s to 300’s of uA. At 42 uA/MHz, CPU should consume around 200 uA. SRAM leakage is expected to be 19 uA. Power-on current is in the general range of expectations.

  • @Tengfei Chang

    • Working to use nRF for SCuM calibration only, eliminating the necessary OpenMote currently

    • TBD whether referencing RF timer, chipping clock, etc., to an external crystal solves nRF’s inability to hear long packets. (Hearing short packets is OK, PDR worsens as packets lengthen.)

    • Would be great to eliminate the standalone UART RX that is needed to see SCuM printf statements, too