• @David Burnett

  • @Sara Faour

  • @Titan Yuan


  • @Sara Faour

    • Discussed bit flip problem and recommended some further experiments. Seems like a long sequence with only 2 choices should result in good recovery but simulation not showing that right now

  • @Thomas Watteyne

    • Emailed updates: Trifun is now Dr. Trifun, submitted paper with Danny to SenSys, still working on video and paper from the workshop

  • @Titan Yuan

    • ITAS ADC paper submitted, Nov or Oct response expected

    • Discussed POP issues with multiplying two 32-bit numbers

    • @Sara Faour wants a new intern re: low-level security to think about running AES on SCuM. But it may have issues with long integer multiplication that we need to fix.

    • Tiny AES is the current implementation target

    • Floating point conversion to integer may crash the chip right now