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  2. @Tengfei Chang

  3. @Fil Maksimovic

  4. @Titan Yuan

  5. @Kristofer PISTER


  • added some details to the SCuM workshop writeup

    • Preparing to visit APL-UW for SCuM + nanotube chloride sensor testing on 4/21

    • Hunch that the reduced parasitic capacitance of an IC helps with stability

  • introduced the HKUST GZ campus

    • One project goal is swarm robots

  • has 20 chips with you Thomas.

  • Speculates the reason for different keepalive rates between his code and 's implementation is due to whether the RX is on just before receiving or a long time before receiving. Need to keep a separate set of radio settings to use whether synchronized vs desynchronized

    • Smaller the guard time is before packet arrives, the larger the discrepancy..

  • There is ri2 states/functions in the TSCH implementation where the radio frequency is set, that will be the place to use synchornized settings.

  • for investigating the effect of the settings on packet receiption, logic analyzer is needed.

Action Items

to find code next time he’s at his laptop
get back on OpenWSN SCuM code and by a logic analyzer.